Resources for French Teachers

Resources for French Teachers

Find below resources to help you finding new and fun materials for your classes! From stories and podcasts, to class resources and games, there's something for every French teacher to use in enriching their students' learning experience!

If you have any resource suggestions you'd like to share with the Alliance and your fellow French teachers, get in touch today. 

Story Time

Petit Poulet / Chicken Little

Read the story of Petit Poulet (Chicken Little) with an audio recording, an English translation of the text, and an illustration video.

Children's Books Forever

Choose from children book classics and favourites from around the world. You simply need to browse, select, download and enjoy! They're great to print out too.


Keeku offers podcast about French stories for children aged 3 years old and older. All podcasts are free.

Class Resources

TV5Monde Enseigner

Find resources on various topics and free accompanying pedagogical kits so you can prepare for your French classes. 


For all children aged 3 to 18, Lumni regularly updates with native web programs, courses, games, quizzes, and more. 

The Conversation

Get informed by leading experts and join the Conversation with articles written in French. A great resource for advanced students.

Class Games

Lulu la taupe

Interactive and printable games for children in kindergarten and elementary school (children from 2 to 10 years and over) to learn and have fun.


Educational games for kindergarten to primary school children (2-6 years old) that will help children to learn and develop their skills.

Podcasts and Music

SBS Easy French

SBS Easy French is your learning companion. This podcast will entertain and inform you in French, at a manageable pace.

So Frenchy So Chic Radio

A series of curated playlists for every mood. Discover French music icons and today’s hottest sounds with So French So Chic Radio.

What the France

Discover French music with What The France, bringing you some fresh ‘Made in France’ tunes.



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