Our Strategic Plan

The committee of the Alliance Francaise d'Adelaide and the staff are reviewing on a regular basis the strategy and priorities of the association, based on the 5 pillars:

  1. Deliver a high quality of service for courses and cultural experiences, in a safe, welcoming and pleasant environment
  2.  Sensitise the younger generations to the importance of learning French and discovering French culture
  3. Foster economic connections between France and Australia
  4. Reinforce the cultural innovative appeal of French and extend the experience outside the classroom
  5. Invest in the capabilities of the organisation to ensure it is fit for the future

Interested in learning more about the Alliance and having your say? Read about our Strategic Direction here.

Our values


We strive to achieve equity across our services. We focus on being empathetic, fair and impartial.


All of our interactions will be undertaken with integrity, honesty and transparency.


It is our focus that we treat each other, our business dealings and our natural environment considerately, and with thoughtfulness and respect.

Cultural Openness

Promoting cultural exchanges and diversity is an important part of all our courses.


We strive to ensure our courses and cultural events are friendly and welcoming, where happiness and fulfilment are our goals. We want to offer our learners and participants a whole world of French.

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Why Learn French?

Learning French opens new doors and opportunities, we have highlighted a few for you.

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Our partnerships 

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The Alliance Francaise is a Global network of 834 French Language and Cultural Centres in 131 countries around the world.

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