Adult Courses

With a class size limited to 16 students, our courses provide the best means to develop your skills in reading, writing and listening comprehension and conversation.

Important Information for New Students

If you are a complete beginner you will need to enrol in Beginners A1.1.

A placement test is required for all new students enrolling into one of our term long adult courses. The only exception is for those enrolling into the Beginners A1.1 course.

Prices per term:

2017 Term 4 - (9 Weeks)

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Terms and Conditions

Please note there is a yearly $35 registration fee.

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Term 4 2017 Courses

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Available Courses: 14


For complete beginners and those with basic knowledge.

Learn to:

  • Introduce yourself, express likes and dislikes
  • Daily routines and leisure activities
  • Numbers, time, days of the week, etc.
  • Present, Past and Future tenses
Available Courses: 6


For those with basic French knowledge, who can communicate in a simple way and exchange information.

Students will learn to:

  • Converse daily in a simple way
  • Talk about your family, your relationships, your work
  • Past tenses, Subjunctive mode, Future tenses
  • Read and understand short articles, TV reports

Available Courses: 4


For independent users who can maintain interaction progressing towards spontaneous communication.

Students will learn to:

  • Understand and use all Past, Future and Subjunctive tenses;
  • Speak and interact with more confidence;
  • Listen, read and understand a variety of audio and written documents: article, news reports, radio, TV

Available Courses: 7

Perfectionnement (Advanced +)

You will increase your comprehension and usage of colloquial French and your fluency and spontaneous exchanges in a safe and fun enivironment.