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French as an International Language

With more than 250 million speakers today and an expected 700 million speakers by 2050, it is not a question of whether or not to learn French but rather how and when to start?

The Alliance Française is the oldest and largest French language school in Adelaide and today, you can provide your staff with its unparalleled experience and know-how when it comes to French language, culture, social skills and professional practices.

We have courses starting every week, so why not start today?

Custom Courses Tailored To Your Needs

We will help you to identify the specific French language needs of your business and the most cost-effective way to meet those needs.

Through an initial consultation, we define specific training objectives based on the nature of your business and the context of your activity. We evaluate your level in French and develop a detailed training programme with a budget and timelines.

You receive a regular written report and, at the end of the training, a final proficiency assessment.

The Alliance Française Advantage

The corporate classes teachers are all French native speakers fully qualified to teach French as a second language. Courses are offered at the AF or at your office, with a flexible (daytime and evening) schedule starting at any time during the year. The Alliance Française curriculum includes specialised programmes and workshops: intercultural training, essentials of French culture, French business etiquette.

Why opt for the Alliance Française?

Every year 550,000 students in 137 countries worldwide look to Alliance Française for quality French language education. The Alliance Française is the largest cultural network in the world.

Its core missions are to offer French courses to all audiences, to raise awareness of French and French-speaking world cultures, in all of their dimensions, and to promote cultural diversity by highlighting all cultures.

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