Conference II

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Conference II: The return of the Monarchy 1814-1848

1814-1848 is perhaps one of the messiest and most complex periods in recent French history, an overlooked time of monarchical restoration and political innovation that paved the way for modern France. After Waterloo, the Bourbons are back on the French throne with Louis XVI's brothers: Louis XVIII (1814-1824) and Charles X (1824-1830) who both attempted to assert their power over a radically changed nation. A spectacular assassination, a child of miracle, and multiple attacks on the press and a nascent democratic system throw the Bourbons yet again on the road of exile after an 1830 Revolution that inspired Victor Hugo's Les Misérables and put Louis-Philippe I as King of the French. His 18-year reign saw a curious and unique system of ‘temperate monarchy’ and economic growth that failed to extinguish the powerful idea that ‘the Revolution was not finished’.

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