Terms and Conditions - Adult Courses

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Registration and payment:

The following will not be refunded:

Maybe refunded:

Textbooks only if they have not yet been picked up from the reception counter.


Courses can be purchased:

ONLINE via our shopping cart

OVER THE PHONE - on 8272 4281 with VISA or MASTERCARD

IN PERSON – at our front desk in WAYVILLE (cash, cheque or credit card)


Discounts rates:

Discounts are not cumulative: only one discount applies per person per enrolment in a Term or a Holiday group course. Discounts do not apply to immersion days, immersion weekends, events and workshops that take place outside Alliance Française d’Adélaïde.

Alliance Française d’Adélaïde Members
5 %
2 people from same family in same Term
5 %
3 people from same family in same Term
10 %
4 people from same family in same Term
15 %
Concession holders/ French Teachers
Pension card holders, Health Care card holders, Registered French teachers, Full-time tertiary students, Sole parent recipients, Seniors card
10 %

In order to receive these concession rates, it is necessary to enclose or present supporting documentation.


Student’s commitment:

Students commit to attend class for the full length of the course

Students commit to stay with the same group for the full length of the course

Application for a class transfer must be addressed in writing by e-mail to the Director (adelaide@af.org.au) prior to the third week of term. Students whose attendance is less than 70% may be asked to repeat the same level for the next term if they choose to re-enrol.

Level assessment:

A level assessment is required to determine each student's appropriate class level. The Alliance Française d’Adélaïde is not responsible if students choose to skip the level assessment and enrol in the wrong class/level. Students with prior knowledge of French must complete and submit a level assessment request form before enrolling in a course.

Class Size and Refund Policy:

 Alliance Française d’Adelaide (AFA) is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for our students. We strive to maintain a vibrant and engaging classroom environment. In the event that a class has fewer than six students enrolled, AFA reserves the right to take one of the following actions, based on the circumstances:

 a) Class Closure and Full Refund: If the number of students in a class falls below six, AFA may choose to close the class. In this case, enrolled students will be entitled to a full refund of the fees paid for the affected course. AFA will make every effort to process the refund in a timely manner.

 b) Reduction of Class Hours: Alternatively, in certain situations, AFA may opt to reduce the number of class hours in the affected course while maintaining the original price of the course. Such a reduction will be made with the intention of maintaining the educational quality and ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for our students. No refunds will be provided in the case of a reduction in class hours.

 AFA values transparency and will communicate any changes to students affected by these circumstances well in advance to minimize disruption. Our priority is to provide the best possible learning environment while managing class sizes effectively.

 By enrolling in a course at Alliance Française d’Adelaïde, you acknowledge and accept the conditions outlined in this policy regarding class size and potential adjustments.

 Please ensure you have read and understood these terms and conditions before enrolling in any of our courses. If you have any questions or require clarification on any aspect of this policy, do not hesitate to contact us.


Public Holidays:

Classes will not be held on South Australian public holidays, but additional time may be added to some classes or rescheduled within the term. Refunds will not be given to students who are unable to attend replacement sessions.


WHS – Emergency Evacuation

Your safety during your stay at the Alliance Française d’Adélaïde is important to us. As part of our WHS – Emergency Evacuation Plan all Parents/Visitors/Students not attending classes MUST sign in at the reception. This is to ensure that in case of an emergency evacuation our Chief Fire Warden is aware of who is in the building. Please ensure you sign out when leaving the Alliance Française d’Adélaïde.

Privacy statement:

Protecting your privacy and personal information is important to the Alliance Française d’Adélaïde. It is, however, important for the Alliance Française d’Adélaïde to collect certain personal information from you in order that we can offer you effective and efficient service.

We will only collect information from you with your knowledge and consent; only use personal information provided by you for the purpose/s for which it was collected, not disclose your personal information to a third party without your prior consent, ensure that your personal information is not disclosed to other institutions except if required by law or other regulation, and remove your personal information from our system when it is no longer required.

You can gain access to the personal information we have about you, and provide any necessary corrections by calling us on 8272 4281.


Alliance Française d’Adélaïde makes every effort to ensure that course information supplied is correct at all times. Alliance Française d’Adélaïde reserves the right to change courses, time tables, private tuition sessions, fees and tutors when necessary. All attempts will be made to notify enrolled students of changes.

Alliance Française d’Adélaïde Terms & Conditions are subject to change. Please check our website www.af.org.au for updates.

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