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Enrich your child’s life and open their mind: enrol them in a French class!

By exposing your children to a foreign language early in their life, you will help them develop lifelong learning abilities: not only will they gain confidence by learning to communicate in another language, but they will be able to acquire other languages more easily, adapt to new situations and think creatively. The Alliance Française d’Adélaïde provides a natural progression through the levels, meaning that children can begin classes at any age!

We are required by the Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia to have their enrolment form completed each year for children attending our school.  It may be emailed to

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COVID-19 Update: We're reopening with enriched on-site courses!

Our French courses will return to our regular face-to-face classes in our new enriched on-site courses. As a student of the Alliance Française d’Adélaïde, you will join our community of teachers and students with weekly in-person French classes, as well as an online platform to practise your writing and grammar skills outside of the classroom! If you cannot make it on-site, we will continue to provide online sessions of selected courses during Term 4.


Term 1: 28 January - 4 April  2020  
Term 2:
27 April – 4 July 2020
Term 3: 20 July – 26 September 2020
Term 4:
12 October – 12 December 2020
(Term 4 Course Schedule)

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2020 - Term 4

From 12 Oct to 12 Dec
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