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HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS | DELF Preparation Workshops (A1-B2) and Year 11/12 SACE/IB Intensive

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(E) Year 11/12 SACE/IB

Year 11/12 SACE/IB Intensive


This course is suitable for students studying year 11/12 French at school, looking for more preparation. This course will help students preparing for a SACE or an IB course to brush up on their grammar, listening, comprehension, written and oral skills.

This intensive one day course go through aspects of the programs revisiting: :

  • grammar points,
  • conversation
  • listening and writing techniques

    : Students will be required to bring lunch, drinks and snacks with them as they will not be able to leave the premises.

    Pace: 6 hrs / day
    AF Adelaide
    Thursday   9am ▸ 3pm
    05 Oct 2023


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