Environment Day

The Alliance Française's : Environment Day

 Saturday, 10th of June 2023  

 Create4Adelaide (5 to 10 years old) : 2pm-3.30pm / Documentary + Thoughts & Talks : 5pm-8pm

Change of Venue: Alliance Francaise - 319 Young Street WAYVILLE SA 5034

Each year, the World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5th, shines a light on biodiversity to encourage thoughts regarding urgent issues such as global warming or the damaging of the natural world. This year, the Alliance Française of Adelaide wishes to get involved in those major territorial challenges, this is why we will be organizing an Environment Day on Saturday 10th of June at Alliance Française.

Invested in current Adelaide’s events, we would like to introduce the day by presenting its amazing youth art project Create4Adelaide. This project consists in a vote made by south Australia’s young people, three climate priorities have been chosen, these are extinction of plants and animals, extreme weather events & pollution of our air and waterways. Then, all young participants are encouraged to create art that addresses those issues and suggest solutions in any way. We would love to join this project by inviting our young francophiles and nature lovers to be involved in it. We will have the artist Calamity Tash here to create art from plastic waste with the kids !

We will have the screening of the French documentary Une fois que tu sais (Once you know) in which the filmmaker Emmanuel Cappellin reaches scientists and climate experts to ponder together on a collective action for a more human transition in a time of climate change and industrial civilization fall. We would like for this documentary to be an instigator for following debates.

This year, the World Environment Day approaching the matter of plastic pollution, we want to foster Thoughts & Talks among various fields, so we will bring together people from different spheres : from the business field with Matthew Bowie, Co-founder of Reusably, start-up focusing on making reusable containers accessible when ordering in a partnered location (e.g. restaurants) & from the scientific community with Sophie Leterme, Professor/Researcher at Flinders University and Director of the ARC ITTC for Biofilm Research & Innovation. The aim is to reflect on this year’s Environment’s Day focus while being able to pick up on the documentary.

This event is organised thanks to the generous support of the City of Unley. 

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