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This course is designed for upper beginners in French, people who already have some strong notions of French and have already being introduced to the passé composé, the present tense, the futur proche and futur simple.

Students will learn how to:

  • Interact in a market or supermarket when buying food as expressing precised quantities and detailed needs.
  • Order at a restaurant, express one's satisfaction or discontent and critique (in a positive or a negative way) a restaurant.
  • Evoke memories of the past and compare a present situation to a past one.

Textbook: Alter Ego +1, Dossier 8

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Revision Alter Ego 1

Product Code: REV AE A1 VEN10 2018

Age Group Adults
Type Term Course
Session 2018 - Term 4
Pace 2 hours / week over 9 weeks
Duration 18 hours
Level Beginners 8
Beginners 9
Beginners A1.4
Intermediate A2.1
Schedules 19 Oct 2018 to 14 Dec 2018
  • Friday - 10:00am to 12:00pm at AF Adelaide > Room 2
Note: This course is only for students who have completed BEG9 or A2.1 or who have been allocated this level following a placement test.
A valid registration fee is required in order to enroll in this course
  • Understand a shopping list.

  • Feature the different food products.

  • Understand a brief article describing restaurants in detail.

  • Understand clients' reviews of a restaurant.

  • Understand texts about memories from the past and audio records about them.

  • Write your own review on a restaurant.

  • Give positive / negative feedbacks / make a complain.

  • Talk about memories from the past.

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