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​ This course is designed for students with advanced knowledge of French who have already been introduced to all the main grammar tenses.  The session will focus on the notion of travelling and Francophonie.

Students will:

  • learn how to talk about travelling. This theme will allow students to increase their vocabulary and discuss various topics (describe precisely a place and a touristic destination, sort out a problem over the phone, give warnings and recommendations, tell a story in the past etc.)
  • learn also how to express your incomprehension and how to negotiate
  • learn more about French speaking countries

Students will have an opportunity to revise their prior grammatical knowledge (pronouns, complex negative sentences), they will be introduced to simple past and analyse the structure of the language more and more. 

Textbook: Alter Ego + 3, Dossier 9


Required Course Material
  • Alter Ego + 3 - Cahier d'activités + CD audio ($30.00 AUD)
  • Alter Ego + 3 - Livre d'élève + CD ROM ($45.00 AUD)
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Advanced 9

Product Code: ADV9 JEU18 2019

Age Group Adults
Type Term Course
Session 2019 - Term 4
Pace 2 hours / week over 9 weeks
Level Advanced 9
Schedules 17 Oct 2019 to 12 Dec 2019
  • Thursday - 6:05pm to 8:05pm at AF Adelaide > Room 3
Note: This course is only for students who have completed ADV8 or B1.4 or who have been allocated this level following a placement test.
A valid registration fee is required in order to enroll in this course

Required Course Material
$30.00 AUD
Alter Ego + 3 - Cahier d'activités + CD audio

Title: Alter Ego + 3 : Cahier d'activités + CD audio (French Edition)
Level: Exercise book for Advanced levels
Publisher: Hachette;  01 (23 janvier 2013)
ISBN: 9782011558152

$45.00 AUD
Alter Ego + 3 - Livre d'élève + CD ROM

Title: Alter Ego + 3: Livre d'élève + CD ROM (French Edition)
Level: Textbook for advanced levels
Publisher: Hachette; 01 edition (28 Jan. 2013)
ISBN: 9782011558145

$269.32 AUD
Approx $182.33 USD
Earlybird 5%: $14.18 off
Normally: $283.50