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Contemporary France: Aux origines du pessimisme français

Product Code: CONTFRA PES 2019

Age Group Adults
Type Workshops
Session 2019 - Holiday Courses and Workshops
Pace 3 hours / day over 1 day
Level Workshops
Schedules On Thursday, 24 Jan 2019
  • From 9:30am to 12:30pm at AF Adelaide > Room 2
Note: No registration fee required.

Cet atelier vise à comprendre comment l'éternel pessimisme français est ancré dans des problématiques culturelles telles que l’histoire du pays, un ressenti biaisé ou encore une perspective négative de l’économie.

This module is part of a selection of themes that explore the distinctive landscape of contemporary France with particular emphasis on culture. A close analysis of these themes will provide students with a general understanding of contemporary French society. This module will also focus on perfecting an advanced knowledge of French grammar and developing a sophisticated range of French vocabulary.

Teacher: Annelise

Level: B1 and above

Si vous achetez plus d'un atelier dans le programme "France contemporaine", profitez d'un forfait digressif.

  • 1 atelier $60
  • 2 ateliers $110 (Checkout Discount Code: CONTFRA2)
  • 3 ateliers $150 (Checkout Discount Code: CONTFRA3)
  • 4 ateliers $180 (Checkout Discount Code: CONTFRA4)
$60.00 AUD
Approx $42.64 USD