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Find here a zoom on our selection of films for children and the whole family! The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival 2023 presents 5 excellent films suitable for all ages.


The beloved classic, retold with a fresh modern twist – a story where one Parisian street-rat must take on the desolate mountains of the Pyrénées, forming an unbreakable bond with one particularly inquisitive pooch... 10-year-old Sébastien (Robinson Mensah Rouanet) can’t stop finding himself in trouble and his mother Cécile (Caroline Anglade) is at her wits’ end. When a prank at a skateboard park ends up at the police station, Sébastien’s invitation to go on holiday with his co-conspirator is cancelled.

In a bind, Cécile must call on her family, sister Noémie (Alice David, 10 Days Without Mum, AF FFF20) and mother, Corinne (Michelle Laroque, In Your Arms, AF FFF09, also seen in this year's Tenor) to take care of her son for the holidays, hoping a period away from the hustle and bustle of the city will straighten him out.

The streetwise Sébastien is far from thrilled, not finding the locals nor the lifestyle to his liking, that is until a chance encounter changes everything...

Stumbling upon a huge, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, he is devastated to discover that this beautiful creature is being terribly mistreated by its owner. Taking matters into his own hands, Sébastien makes the bold decision to set Belle free, launching the two into a heart-warming adventure on a mission to protect and care for each other at all costs. Stunning cinematography combine with thrills, spills and one seriously cute dog!


Take a trip through time, on the big screen... 

A story cultivated with spell-bounding animation, guiding you through three fantastical worlds from the sandy planes and monstrous pyramids of Egypt to the grand castles and kingdoms of the Middle Ages. The Black Pharaoh, The Savage and The Princess takes the audience on a journey packed full of action, adventure and maybe even a touch of classic French romance...

Based on heroic legends from the past, the audience are guided through different journeys all with one defining message - that love heals all. The film introduces us to a Pharaoh on a desperate plight to take the hand of his lover, the mysterious outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor and the prince of pastries and his beautiful rose princess...

With limited sessions available, get in quick to take the family-friendly trip of a lifetime. Venture into the past with acclaimed writer and artist Michel Ocelot (Dilili in Paris, AF FFF19) in his next chapter of adventure, mystery and above all else, triumph!


Based on champion pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahem’s own autobiography and starring influencer Riadh Belaïche, comes a story of struggle and triumph above all else. A feel-good film that will have you laughing and crying, Sugar and Stars is sprinkled with heart and prepared with a whole lot of soul.

Ever since childhood, all Yazid ever wanted was to cook delicious desserts and provide for his adoptive family. At night he gazes longingly at the pictures of his favourite pastry chefs on the wall before he drifts off to sleep – propelled forward by his dream of becoming a great chef just like his heroes.

Securing an apprenticeship at a prestigious Parisian restaurant, he must suddenly learn to navigate the elitist pastry world under the guidance of the chefs he so idolises. Throughout his journey, Yazid must grapple with homelessness, family issues and a lack of belonging, completely set on his goal - to compete for Paris at the International Pastry championship.
With his talent and the support of true friends, Yazid might just be one step closer to finding the secret ingredient to achieving his dreams - against all odds.


A film that will transport you from the gritty, high-rise “banlieues” of outer Paris to the gilded splendour of the Opéra Garnier – a dissection of genres in a world where opera meets rap in musical marvel – Tenor. Antoine (Mohammed Belkhir, playing under his rap name MB14) is doing it tough, barely making a living working as a food delivery driver by day, trying to make his way to the big time as a rap artist by night.

While delivering food, Antoine stumbles into a rehearsal room at the Opéra Garnier, instantly enchanted by the beautiful sound of a young soprano, he listens. As the privileged students attempt to belittle Antoine, he replies with a burst of song in his striking tenor voice catching the ear of Madame Loysau (Michèle Laroque, In Your Arms, AF FFF10) who offers Antoine the opportunity of a lifetime, to study under her tutelae. Antoine must now choose between his two loves - Opera and Rap, a choice which he knows his community may not support.

An unlikely pairing, both MB14 and Michèle Laroque deliver a hilarious, uplifting performance as the duo work to navigate classical Opera and Tupac’s Greatest Hits together. A story where opposites attract, Antoine and Mrs Loyseau are able to find common ground in the joy of expression, looking past labels and prejudice to create beautiful music.


A film that touches the heart and bewitches the senses, Ride Above transports audiences from their seats to the stables and glistening coastlines of Normandy, France. The story follows Zoé (Carmen Kassovitz), who dreams of becoming a great jockey just like her father Philippe (Pio Marmaï, The Trouble with You, AF FFF19). Throughout childhood our aspiring jockey forges a deep connection with her horses – but there is no bond quite like the love she shares with her best friend Belle Intriguante, her stables prize mare.

When tragedy strikes and Zoé is left with a debilitating injury - the life she so carefully envisioned begins to slip through her fingers. Feeling devastated and not knowing where to turn next, Zoé pushes away her loved ones, hiding away from the world in her isolated cabin. Determined to help Zoé find trust in Belle Intriguante her beloved friend Seb (Kacey Motten Klein, Farewell to the Night, AF FFF20) courageously formulates a plan, but will it be enough to encourage her to ride again?

Heart wrenching and honest, Ride Above is a tale of loss and triumph – a reminder that in the face of adversity the strongest barrier to achieving our dreams is often ourselves.

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