Let's celebrate the 110th Anniversary of the Alliance from home!

This year, we are turning 110!

To celebrate this milestone, we are inviting you all to explore French language and culture with 110 activities you can do from home! This list offers mostly free activities in French and English to stay busy during these social distancing times. This selection gathers different French isolation initiatives and exclusive ideas.  From behind your screen or to take a break from it, find what matches your mood from the wide range of different categories below. 

Welcome to France!

Musique: sing, dance and play!

While waiting for the return of the AF French Film Festival, enjoy the playlist!

Be a karaoke star you've always dreamt to be with your favorite French songs

Listen to Pomme and support French music in Australia

Stream a Manu Dibango concert at the Olympia

Listen to le concert du jour at the Philarmonie

Watch the Concert for Europe at the Musée d'Orsay

Missing the clubs? Relive a boiler room DJ set recorded in Paris

Learn a French song on the guitar

Enjoy Christine and the Queens' daily livestream on Instagram

Listen to French tunes on SBS Radio

Organise a "chaise musicale" with your family

Work on your French!

Enrol into our Term 3 online courses with your passionate and dedicated team at the Alliance Francaise 

Practise your French with a 15-minute-lesson on Frantastique once a day

Take this time at home to organise your French notes or label objects around your house to strengthen your vocab

Perfect your listening skills by watching some of these short films

Listen to the news in (slow) French  and keep up-to-date with the world

Participate in the solitude projet by writing a text on the theme of isolation 

Watch a play at Le Théâtre des Funambules in Montmarte,  the play Ca va ? by Jean-Claude Grumberg (mise en scène by Daniel Benoin) or discover a play by Molière

Write a poem in French and send it to us, we will publish the nicest one

Borrow a French book at your local library or download an e-book from la FNAC

Don't know what you want to read? You can also receive a free e-book every day 

In these time of uncertainty, read your horoscope in French

Try IZNEO for free to access comics, manga and webtoons for free

Learn Disney songs (both classic and new) in French

Do a daily French crossword

Get creative with your French practise and play Pictionary in French, or create a French Scattergories

Gastronomie, bon appétit!

DIY, let's go!

Cook a Monet inspired dessert with Fran, a "survivor of the Cordon Bleu Paris" and student at the Alliance Francaise d'Adelaide

Enjoy all this free time to cook a Boeuf Bourguignon

Cook a Ratatouille just like in the movie

Cook a Soupe à l'oignon and revise your imperative

Complete your recipes with the most popular French herbs that you can even grow them in your garden!

Don't have the herbs in your garden yet? Shop for authentic French products with France at Home

Master the most difficult French sweet treat: macarons

Warm up and keep cosy with a chocolat chaud à la française

Or explore … and have a Parisian cocktail

Discover more French desserts and sweet treats with our French desserts quiz

Feeling lazy or just don't have time? No worries, we can bring everything to you at home!

Have a French breakfast online with your friends

Too late for breakfast? Enjoy a goûter

Enjoy your Apero à la française with the home delivered products of Les Deux Coqs

Share a cheese platter with your loved ones - thanks to Smelly Cheese

What about some French wine with Cyrano to pair with your menu?

Don't feel like an expert in wine? No worries, you can join a wine tasting online!

For kids, play and practice!

Enrol into our Term 3 online courses with your passionate and dedicated team at the Alliance Francaise

Join our free online story time with our AF teachers

Visit the youth  section of the Culturetheque and access numerous kids books to read, listen and watch

Listen or read a French fairy tale (with translation)

Paint a Monet inspired bridge

Become a master couturier and dress up paper dolls

Do yoga or gym for kids 

Create a parcours at home

Learn how to juggle (3-5yo)

Learn how to juggle (6-8yo)

Pretend a ball is a bomb and pass it around. Watch out, after 30 seconds, it explodes! (You can count in French)

Watch an episode of L'âne trotro (3-5yo)

Watch an episode of Tchoupi (3-5yo)

Watch an episode of Lady bug et chat noir, the most famous french cartoon (also available on Netflix with subtitles) (7-12yo)

Organise an escape game at home

For Art's Sake

Every Wednesday, enjoy a puppet show with Théâtre des mains nues

Create a pop up Eiffel Tower card

Take a stroll at the Château de Versailles from the comfort of your own home

Do a French themed colouring in

Watch a ballet

Create a dream board of your next trip in France or make a scrapbook of your last trip in France

Find inspiration to sketch France

Find a book that will make you travel to Paris

Dress up as your favourite French painting

Recreate the most famous French monument in playdough 

Watch a circus with La nuit du Cerf

Or enjoy a show with Le Cirque du Soleil

Learn more about Le Musée d'Orsay or about the Eiffel Tower

Take a museum tour in VR and visit the cat exhibition

Watch a dance show recorded inside the Pantheon

Enjoy a Clement Cogitore exhibition at the Mersh Gallery in Sydney

Listen to the Marie Darrieussecq podcast about France, women and Charlie Hebdo at the Sydney Writer's Week

Cinema & emotion

Watch or re-watch movies from the "SBS - French Connections" collection

Discover Montreal's most famous director: Xavier Dolan

Enjoy a post-WWI drama (and a French Film Festival favourite): See You Up There

Discover the life of Edith Piaf and enjoy the oscar-winning movie: La vie en Rose

Feel all your emotions with the deeply moving drama-doco: Les filles du soleil

Discover Michelle Ocelot's last animated movie: Dilili à Paris

Laugh out loud with Omar Sy

Be intrigued by an unusual French crime mystery thriller

Enjoy a musical and poetic animation movie set in Paris

Watch or re-watch a French comedy classic by Jacques Tati: Jour de fête

Watch a quirky, arthouse French movie

Test your knowledge on French film with our French film trivia quiz

Sport 1, 2, 3 !

Learn French soccer players' hottest tricks

Learn how to play pétanque and build the perfect pétanque court in your backyard

Take yoga classes online with Elle magazine

Learn how to boogie in French

Learn the dance of LOGOBITOMBO

Learn how to "ski" with Les pouces en avant

Rewatch the 2019 Tour de France

Social activities, stay safely in touch

Challenge your friends with an interactive online quiz about France

Find a penpal

Take a stroll together in Paris

Be useful and use your skills to do online volunteering

Play "Le petit bac" on Skype

Play Blanc Manger Coco, the French Cards Against Humanity on Skype

Do a French meditation with your friends to stay connected

Shop your favourite French brands online

Use homemade French beauty products to take care of yourself or have a girls night

While you are at it,  give yourself a French manicure

Become a Haute-Couture designeur and learn how to sew

Zhuzh up your kitchen and take a free reno class to upgrade your Zoom background

Have a laugh and discover French hilarious comedians with your friends

Play a French video game like Wolcen or Dead Cell with your mates

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