French Workbook - False Beginners

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Author : Estelle Demontrond-Box
Publisher : Assimil
Size : 14 x 10 cm
Number of pages : 128

This easy-to-use workbook has been designed specifically for false beginners in French. It includes 200 fun-filled exercises (with answers) which follow a logical progression. You will be able to self-assess your level at the end of each chapter. Every aspect of the language has been covered, including grammar, spelling, vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation and accentuation.
  • 200 fun-filled exercises (with answers) to learn French
  • Tasks include: matching, fill the blanks, find the odd one, unscrambling exercises, crosswords, riddles and more.
  • Grammar, conjugation, spelling, pronunciation and accentuation
  • Test yourself with our self-assessment tasks