Adomania 4 - B1 Work Book

$30.00 AUD
Approx $20.46 USD

The level 3 cahier activités includes 8 dossiers, called “Étapes,” of 8 pages with:

• Leçons: 5 pages of exercises and activities to reinforce vocabulary, grammar, conjugation and phonetics

• Cultures: 1 page of reading comprehension that features Francophone life and culture through various text types

• Autoévaluation: 2 pages of self-evaluation and revision, with study tips and links to external resources

The 8-page appendix section Ateliers d’ecriture allows students the opportunity to explore writing genres such as un inventaire, un chapitre de tes mémoires, la fiche d'identité d'un pays, le début d'un roman, une page de ton journal intime, un commentaire sur un restaurant, une carte d'anniversaire, and un acrostiche. Following this section are two 2 pages of corrections. An audio CD is enclosed with all audio per dossier Étape. These files are also available for download from

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