Adomania 3 - A2 Textbook

$40.00 AUD
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The level 3 livre élève includes 8 dossiers, called “Étapes,” of 12 pages with:

• Leçons: 1 page to introduce discussion of the aims of the unit, theme and the related vocabulary, and 2 study lessons, each offering familiarisation and learning pathways through the written and oral stimulus documents

• Cultures: 1 double page of reading, intercultural stimulus and discussion, plus a task to complete using small group and pair-work activities

• Éntraînement: 1 double page of language and grammar training, consolidation and exercises;

• Évaluation: 1 page of self-testing and assessment

• Vers le DELF: 1 double page every second dossier of training for the DELF exam, which is excellent for further assessment

An appendix includes the sections:

• La francophonie: a single-page world map of French-speaking countries

• Les actes de parole: 4 pages of expressions and constructions commonly used in everyday conversation.

• Précis grammatical: 7 pages of grammatical summaries that offer examples of real-life application

• Tableau de conjugaisons: 3 pages of conjugation tables, covering 8 tenses and 1 mood

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