Online Courses

Learn French at home and join our online community!

Our French courses have temporarily moved to an online format until further notice. We offer both Online Group or Private Tuition packages. As a student of the Alliance Française d’Adélaïde, you will join our online community of teachers and students to practise your writing and grammar skills outside of the classroom. Courses will be administered via the Apolearn and Zoom platforms:


A platform, Apolearn, that you can use anywhere, anytime to submit homework and assignments (formal teaching) or take the opportunity to engage with your classmates (informal teaching).


A video conference tool, Zoom, for web meetings will allow you to see, listen and engage with your teacher.

Curious to know more? Watch this video to learn more about Apolearn, our new e-learning tool or click here to download the user guide:

Adult and Teens courses

To us, it is equivalent. In some cases, language appropriation and the learning process are even more successful with e-learning! It is important to note that an online environment does require an aspect of self-learning, including self-discipline, dedicated time put aside for classes and homework, and a level of dedication to your classes. We hope that you will have a great experience with us, and that in time, the current climate here (and globally) will improve. 

As much as possible, your books, exercises, resources and virtual classes will be available to you live with your teacher and fellow students at your regularly scheduled class time. Once you're enrol in a course, you will receive a personal message with the link to our new tool (Apolearn) and your password so that you can continue to learn French with us. 

Kids courses

Please note that for some kids courses (Preschool, Reception, Years 1-3 and Les Loustics), the offer will be adapted for Term 2 and as long as required to prevent health:

Presence of the parents is required for the first course, to explain their child how to use the tool (camera, speaker) and the main rules. After that, we take care of the course, but parents have the responsibility of the safety of their child. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or by phone (08 8272 4281) if you have any questions or concerns.

Enrolment online now open for the following online courses:

You can enrol into our courses  for adults and for kid and teens as usual through our website . You will receive an email with your login and password to access your e-learning platform a few days before the beginning of the course. 

Holiday Courses

Term 2 Courses

Enrol into our Term 2 courses by Saturday 11 April and receive our Earlybird discount!

Another tool to complement your learning: Culturethèque

Endless French resources at your finger tips

From your computer, tablet, or smartphone, Culturethèque provides you with access to thousands of documents for all ages and interests with just a few clicks. 24/7 access to over 400 magazines, 1000 books, 200 comics, 450 videos and 370 learning materials. Free for all the Alliance Française d'Adelaïde members.

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Another tool to complement your learning: Frantastique

Improve your French daily with an email

The Alliance Française d'Adelaide has teamed up with Frantastique to allow you to improve your French daily with an email. Available on PC, tablet and smartphone, you can now surrender to your passion for French from anywhere around town.

Take a quick guided tour:

Online French Lessons with from Gymglish on Vimeo.

A great way to get this little bit of extra practice between your classes at Alliance.

Every day, you'll receive a selection of exercises, texts, dialogues, and mini-lessons in French. These include fun stories and historical notes that match your level. And because great things should never come alone, you can try it for FREE for up to 14 days.