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Term Long Courses (Years 9 to 12)

During school terms, weekly classes at the Alliance Française d'Adelaïde provide high school students in years 9 to 12 with extra practice in oral and written skills, listening and reading comprehension and contemporary French culture.

Our vibrant native French speaking teachers encourage all students to develop communication skills in a friendly and supportive environment, the class size being limited to 16 students, and with access to a wealth of resources.


I attended weekly classes at the Alliance Française during years 11 and 12, allowing me to improve core language skills and gain confidence in how to approach the IB French assessment tasks. Working in a relaxed environment with my teacher Arnaud and my peers meant that I was able to significantly improve my performance in exams. I highly recommend the Alliance to any students looking to gain an edge in IB French.  

Patrick | IB French Score: 7

I am very glad to have studied Stage 2 French at the Alliance Francaise, as I can safely say I could not have achieved the marks that I did if I had not done so. The teachers were always there to provide help and support when needed while making learning enjoyable and relevant, and by the end of the year I felt very well prepared for both the oral and written exam. Now going in to university to continue my French studies, I feel confident that the skills I have gained from studying French at the Alliance Française will give me a considerable advantage in my future endeavours in the French language.

Elaine Thomas| A+ Merit

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This course is suitable for students studying French at school, looking for more preparation. This course will help students preparing a Sace or a IB course to brush up their grammar, listening, comprehension, written and oral skills.

Following closely the two curricula, this course will make sure that the students are ready to support  their year 12 with the  best maximum preparation


This course is suitable for year 12 studying French at school, looking for more preparation.
This class is focusing on the Sace and IB exams .
Preparing the final exam, this course will cover every aspect of the exams, including grammar points, written and oral exams technics, step by step writing plans and mock up exams .
Looking to increase your grade, this course is for you.

SACE FRENCH Continuers (Stage 2)

French is not offered at your school, you have difficulty with your timetable to study French, you want to prepare your French exam with a native French teacher? 

Officially accredited by the SACE Board of SA, the Alliance offers courses to prepare Year 12 students for the SACE Continuers French exam, while focusing on three strands: Communication, Understanding Language and Understanding Culture.

French Continuers Stage 2 is designed for students who have achieved Stage 1 level or equivalent knowledge. A free written and spoken test will be given to interested students prior to enrolment. Our resource centre holds books, magazines, DVDs, videos, and CD-ROMs from France which can be borrowed free of charge. It is a great asset for our students preparing for the exams, allowing them to research areas of interest which they can use for in-depth studies.

This program is set on two hours per week plus 15 hours of intensive courses between school terms. The course is mostly taught in French by a French native teacher. If interested, please contact director@af.org.au

Registration and Payment

Please note, yearly registration fee of $30 applies.

Ethnic School Board (ESB) form: We are required by the Ethnic School Board to have these completed each year for children attending our school.

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