Sundays in Paris

The story behind Sundays in Paris

Sundays in Paris was founded by, Yasmin Zeinab, an Australian based lawyer in 2014 after spending 18 months in France. She shares with us the story behind the brand and the making of the Sundays in Paris City Guide.

"The idea behind Sundays in Paris was born on Sunday while I was wandering around Saint Germain des Pres with a dear friend, only to be confronted by an abundance of closed signs. Being Australian, Sunday to me is all about coffee, brunch and spending time with friends so to find half of a major city shut was an initial shock to me. What I soon discovered is that while Sundays in Paris appear to be deserted, behind the facade of closed signs is a bustling scene waiting to be discovered, so I started to document my Sundays in Paris on my website

The concept soon bloomed into a community project involving writers and photographer from all over the world who share the same love for Paris that I do.

In 2016, we published the Sundays in City Guide to share our love for good coffee and high quality food in one of the world's most beautiful cities."

The Sundays in Paris City Guide book is available for a short time to be purchased at the Alliance Française d’Adelaïde as well as the Unley Museum for only $25.

It would make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.