Friends of the State Library: Special offer for Alliance Française Members and Students

Friends of the State Library are offering Alliance members and students a beautiful copy of the beautifully illustrated Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands - Atlas at the special price of $55 instead of $65.

In October 1800 two French ships, commissioned by the then first consul, Napoléon Bonaparte, left Le Havre bound for the southern hemisphere. Le Géographe was captained by Nicolas Baudin and le Naturaliste by Emmanuel Hammelin.

Over more than three years the expedition visited Africa, Timor, New Holland, Van Diemen’s Land and New South Wales, with the scientists on board making detailed observations of the lands and people they visited.

This Atlas presents the outstanding artistic record of the voyage, made by artists Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and Nicolas-Martin Petit. Charts drawn by Louis Freycinet complete this beautiful work.

This book will be valued by anyone with an interest in the 19th century French exploration of Australia. As a complete facsimile of the 1824 edition published in Paris, it would make a perfect gift for Francophone and Francophile friends.

Of particular interest to South Australian residents are a detailed map of Kangaroo Island and emus seen on Kangaroo Island. As well there are exquisite portraits of Aboriginal people encountered at various points on the voyage, exotic sea creatures, plans of early Sydney and charming drawings of native animals, all captioned in French.

You can see a copy of this illustrated book at The Friends of the State Library, 1st floor, Institute Building, State Library, North Terrace, Adelaide. Alternatively you can view it on YouTube.

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