Placement Test

If you have undertaken any kind of French study (formal or informal) or in-country experience in the past, you are required to sit a placement test prior to enrolling to a course. The placement test is free of charge and is a way for us to better understand your strengths and needs, so as to recommend the course best adapted to your current level. This is one of the many ways we will help make your language learning experience with us truly successful and enjoyable.

How to sit the test?

  1. Download the necessary placement test:
    1. Assessment Form (Adults) - Print
    2. Assessment Form (Adults) - Electronic
  2. Print in hardcopy, or if you prefer, fill in electronically***
  3. On the front page, circle the level that best corresponds to your situation and/or that you would like to attempt.
  4. Complete the corresponding part of the assessment without the aid of dictionaries, smartphones, grammar books etc.
  5. If completed in hardcopy, return form to us by:
    1. Dropping it in at reception; or
    2. Posting it to us at  Alliance Française d'Adelaïde, 319 Young Street,Wayville SA 5034; or
    3. Scanning and emailing it to us at
  6. If completed electronically:
    1.  Email it to us at

The teachers will assess your written work and one of our teachers will then be in touch with you to do the oral part of the assessment. Occasionally the oral component is not required. Using the results of the assessment and the teachers' recommendations, we will discuss course options with you.

***NB: if filling in electronically, we recommend you use Adobe Acrobat to complete the test. Once you have finished your test, we recommend you Save As the file and Rename it as "Placement-YOURNAME.pdf" before you Email the test to us.