French Diplomas - DELF & DALF

The DELF/DALF exams (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française - Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) are official French proficiency diplomas administered by the French Government and the French Ministry for Education.

Why take the DELF/DALF exam ? 

The  DELF/DALF diplomas are official French language certifications for non-native speakers administered by the French Ministry for Education and recognised in 165 countries.

A DELF/DALF diploma is required to apply to French universities and is a great asset to show on your CV. Each year, over 300,000 students register to take the DELF/DALF exams. There are 6 levels available, from beginner to advanced. You can register to take several levels during the same exam session... and  your results are valid for life!

Click  HERE to download the pdf description of the DELF and DALF levels and examinations.

What diplomas should I take?

The 6 DELF and DALF diplomas are independent from one another, so you can take the examination of your choice. You can also sit the examination for a number of diplomas during the same examination session. If you are studying at Alliance or not, please refer to the level and examinations description  HERE in order to decide which exam level you should sit for.

If you have any questions on your level, please contact  adelaide@af.org.au or call us on 8272 4281.

How can I register for the DELF/DALF examinations?

1. Download theREGISTRATION-FORM-DELF-DALF-2016.pdf (142.7 KB)  print it and fill it out using capital letters - please note that the information you provide on the form will appear on your diploma. Diplomas will only be issued once, therefore it is your responsability to ensure you provide accurate details with an easy-to-read handwriting.
2.  Email
your completed registration form before the deadline.
3. Pay online for your chosen exam.

If providing payment for a third party, please add a comment to specify who will be taking the exam.

DELF A1 - $180
DELF A2 - $180
DELF B1 - $210
DELF B2 - $210


DALF C1 - $260
DALF C2 - $260

2017 Exam sessions

A1 & C2 Monday 15
A2 Tuesday16
B1 Wednesday 17
B2 Thursday 18
C1 Friday 19

Opening of registration: Monday 10 April

Registration deadline: Monday 1st May

Preparation course: 21 April - 12 May

A1 & C2 Wednesday 8
A2 Thursday 9
B1 Friday 10
B2 Monday 13
C1 Tuesday 14

Opening of registration: Monday 25th September

Registration deadline: Monday 23 October

To enrol or get more information about DELF, give us a call at +61 (0)8 8272 4281 , email us at  adelaide@af.org.au or ask Reception.